How long after my appointment do I have to wait for my 329 medical cannabis card?

329 cards typically take 2-5 weeks to arrive in the mail.  They will be sent to the mailing address of your choice. 

Does the card ever expire?

Yes, your medical cannabis card will expire one year after the issue date on the last day of the month.  After that, if you'd like to renew your card, it is the same process as getting one for the first time. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

For your appointment you will need:

-valid, government-issued ID or driver's license

-list of all (if any) prescription medications that you currently take

-some sort of documentation of your qualifying condition is also helpful (ie: x-ray, doctor's note, test-results, prescription, etc.)  If you need to request medical records, you can do so by contacting your medical provider.

Will my job be notified that I have a medical marijuana card?

No.  That is confidential, personal medical information.  The only parties that will know you have your card are our clinic and the Hawai'i Department of Health.  We keep strict confidentiality with all our patients. 

Will I be able to use my card on the mainland?

While marijuana is still federally illegal, many states recognize it legally for medical use.  Some states such as Nevada do accept medical marijuana cards from other states with the medical marijuana law.  There is also legal recreational cannabis in states such as Washington, California, Colorado, and Alaska.  If you are traveling outside of Hawai'i it is best to check each state's laws separately. 

Can I grow my own cannabis?

Yes.  While filling out your application (either online or at our clinic) you will be asked whether or not you want to grow.  Patients are allowed to grow up to ten plants and they all must be properly tagged.  For information on how to tag your plants, click here.

If the patient cannot grow, they may chose for someone else to grow for them.  This person would be their medical cannabis "caregiver" and they would have to be present at the patient's appointment.

Can I travel with my medicine?

If you are traveling by plane, the answer is no.  While in the air (even while flying inter-island) you are technically in federal space so it is illegal to fly with any medical marijuana product.  If you are driving within Hawai'i, you may travel with it.  But it is best to keep any product in the trunk to avoid any problems.

Does Green Wave Medical provide any medical marijuana?

The answer is no.  We are not a medical dispensary and do not provide any products whatsoever, only the medical consultation and approval service for obtaining your card.  You can grow your medicine and/or purchase it at any of the licensed dispensaries in Hawai'i.